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Choosing a luxury villa is about choosing a luxury home. We go beyond spaces to find villas that will exceed your expectations in be-spoke luxury.

Location is a must, as we select our villas in Greece’s most exquisite islands, in islands that combine scenic beauty and a great lifestyle.

The Greek way of life is revealed as you eat, live, and breathe the island experiences. We choose villas of superb interior design, so that your stay truly feels like home.

In our villas, many of which have been featured in national and international design magazines, you will find the space and, more importantly, the privacy that will shut you out from the mundane and the ordinary and make this holiday truly memorable.

In Beyond Spaces, we make sure that we create a unique and be-spoke holiday experience, catered to your tastes, fancies and needs.

Nothing is left to chance, as we provide you with one of the most exclusive villa portfolios in Greece, with  a large number of superb villas to choose from.

It is up to you to choose between the idyllic hideaway just for the two of you, the seafront villa for the family reunion or the lush retreat for that large group of friends.

Our concierge is, of course, always there, giving you the personalized attention and service that you may require, when you require it.

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