Top 5 Greek off-the-grid wedding destinations

Greece is among the world’s best wedding destinations offering the perfect setting for romantic sunsets, pure blue seas and amazing golden sandy beaches. The scenery and the landscape offer the ideal environment to say, “I do”, while the picturesque crimson sunsets and the white cubic houses with narrow alleys, offer a variety of choices. With over 100 islands in Greece, from isolated spots to cosmopolitan locations, it can become overwhelming at times. Beyond the obvious and well-documented locations such as Santorini, we short-listed our top five lesser-known wedding destination to address all tastes.

Folegandros Island

The island of Folegandros is part of the Cyclades complex and portrays a unique morphology and landscape, similar in some aspects to Santorini Island. The main town, which is called Chora, is built at an altidute of 200 meters, with very narrow alleys and a central square which is very theatrical with lots of colors and flowers, along with tavernas, cafes and bars. On the top of the hill, the castle as a crown offers panoramic views of the blue Aegean Sea. At Chora there is also a small chapel, which can host the main ceremony while the wedding party can be set at the central square.

Folegandros 900

Sifnos Island

The refreshing breeze, the smell of salted and wild herbs, the whitewashed houses and the isolated church by the sea is the unique setting to say “I Do”! We would also add the local traditions of the island to the reasons why Sifnos has become a more and more popular destination for weddings in Greece. Our personal favorite is the church of Chrisopigi. The island offers a great variety of restaurants to host the pre and after wedding parties, all of which pride for the quality of the menus, ingredients and creativity. Sifnos after all is also well known to foodies for its unconventional and Modern Greek cuisine.

Sifnos 900

Tinos Island

The island of Tinos is part of the Cyclades, a fifteen-minute ferry ride from Mykonos. A spiritual island with hundreds of churches both orthodox and Catholic. The island offers a variety of inner villages to select, with traditional architecture elevating the local elements and authentic setting. From small churches cited in a village main square, to isolated locations, the Island of Tinos offers a wide range of ideal settings to address old school ways, back to basic traditions. From sea settings to village settings and from bohemian to luxury your dream wedding is happening. Our favorite location on the island is the village of Dyo Choria.

Tinos 900

Spetses Island

Part of the Argosaronic gulf, the island of Spetses is ideally situated close to Porto Heli and the islands of Hydra, Aegina and Poros. With a cosmopolitan air, the island offers some classy locations with unique architecture ranging from the 17thto 20thcentury, amidst lush pines and crystal waters. Ride a horse carriage to the church, and dance the night away by the sea under the stars. The island’s main town offers vibrant nightlife, various restaurants and bars.

Spetses 900

Paxoi Island

Nested just seven miles south of Corfu, the island of Paxoi is a hidden gem of the Ionian Sea. A small island with just three main villages and sixty-three churches is the ideal setting for a boho-chic wedding. According to the local myths, Poseidon created the island the God of the Sea when he hit the island of Corfu with his trident, breaking off the southern tip of the island. With tiny harbors, colorful fishing boats, waterfront restaurants the island is ready to weave its spell with romance and magic.

Paxoi 900

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