Antiparos is the beyond spaces choice for back to basics luxury. A well-kept secret, the small island of Antiparos, located southwest from Paros, appeals to the international boho-chic crowd. Even Hollywood stars make an incognito appearance, protected from the island’s relaxed atmosphere and attracted by its amazing beauty. Unassuming in its exclusivity, it oozes authentic Greek charm and charisma.

Castle of Antiparos

Fishing boats, in their traditional white, red, and blue colors are moored in the small picturesque port, while small taverns serve grilled octopus, just off the fishermen’s net. You know that you have arrived at the main square, when the aroma of the eucalyptus enwraps you. Right there, the “Castro” (castle), takes you back to the 15th century, when it was built to protect the local inhabitants from the pirates

Antiparos Cave

All around it, white-washed houses with their blue windows, and yards decorated with overflowing bougainvillea exemplify the Cycladic aesthetic at its best. Up on the Agios Ioannis hill, the Antiparos Cave, a nature-made marvel attracts a following year after year. Stalagmites and stalactites create an awe-inspiring sight.

In this island, beauty, in its most pure form, is all around you. Just swim in one of its emerald beaches with their crystal-clear waters.

Antiparos will appeal to your authentic and deep side. Sail on a private yacht, enjoy a romantic stroll through the cobbled streets or enjoy a cocktail in one of the island’s atmospheric bars. Then return to one of the Beyond Spaces villas, where more beauty and new experiences await you.


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