Astypalea is a truly picturesque Greek island, that lies exactly where the Dodecanese meets the Cyclades, in the southeastern Aegean Sea.

“The Butterfly of the Aegean”

The island, which is also called “The Butterfly of the Aegean” because of its butterfly-shape, has arguably the prettiest Hora in the Aegean, ideal for those who want to travel off the beaten track. It’s a land rich in emotions, with magnificent views and hospitable residents and one of the places that keeps their profile low, maintains their authenticity, their pure beauty and you get to know about them by word of mouth.

Hora – Venetian Castle

The capitаl`s namе is Astypaleа or Hоra, and its port is verу spесtаcular while apprоаching it by sea. Although it belоngs tο thе Dodecanesе, the islаnd is сlоser tο thе Cyclades and it is reflеcted in its аrсhitecturе. White houses with bluе windоw cοvers, whitewashеd сhurches with blue domеs, stone windmills and light blue domes, labyrinthine alleys and florid yards spread amphitheatrically on the slopes of the hill of the Venetian Castle of Guerini.

Astypalea is an island that steals your heart. Secluded bays, sandy beaches and scenic villages are spread through the coastline of the island. It’s a treasured land, rich in emotions, offers flavours made with love and stays away from the cosmopolitan vibes.


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