The most impressive and populous city, the capital of Greece and one of the oldest cities in the world. Athens is the most interesting journey the most demanding modern traveler can experience. A wonderful mixture of ancient Greece, Byzantium and cultures of the world with whom the Greek civilization came in contact, filled with architectural monuments scattered everywhere in the city. Imposing and ever changing, Athens characterizes the lifestyle of modern Athenians and of course makes for an all year tourist attraction.

Acropolis – Plaka – Gazi

It is not only the Acropolis and the ancient monuments that captivates culture lovers and make them regular visitors, but also the fact that the entire city centre is a vibrant celebration of high urban culture and modern Greek entertainment. Take for example Plaka, the neighbourhood of the gods. Built at the foot of the sacred rock of the Acropolis, it is an area of great architectural interest but also full of cafes and restaurants. A few meters away lie the areas of Psirri and Gazi -known for the tall chimney of the old gas plant- where the heart of Athens’ nightlife beats. Sintagma square and Kolonaki are the centres of political and financial life of the city and also the regions where high end fashion lives. Like all Greeks, Athenians are very religious which is the reason why almost every neighbourhood has a church or religious monuments, many of which were built during the Byzantine period and are kept intact.

Kifissia – Athens Riviera – Cape Sounio

The city’s suburbs are equally beautiful and each with its own history going back thousands of years. In the north, there’s the cosmopolitan area of Kifissia and amidst very old pine trees you can find the upper-class area of Filothei.

In the south, you’ll find superb local beaches along the sheltered Saronic Gulf stretching from the southern suburbs of Athens to the southernmost point of Attica, Cape Sounio. You will find the idyllic Vouliagmeni with its historical lake full of mysteries and urban legends, trendy Glyfada seafront and the picturesque Paleo Faliro, ideal for romantic walks on the beach at sunset. The coastal road of Athenian Riviera ends at Cape Sounio, Attica’s south-eastern tip. There you will find the impressive Temple of Poseidon, the last piece of the ancient Athenians’ homeland every time they sailed into the Aegean. Watching the sunset filling the sky with every shade of mauve and pink and making the sea glowing like a sapphire is an unforgettable experience that will weave a powerful spell over you.

We saved the best for last. Most important of all is the Athenians themselves and their way of living. Hospitable, open hearted, cheerful and ready to live life every day as intensely as possible.


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