Kefalonia, is the largest island in the Ionian Sea and famously known as the location of the movie “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin”. Visitors are bound to be seduced by this island, from its breathtaking beaches and crystal-clear waters of greenish-blue colours, emerald green mountains, picturesque villages and rich biodiversity all the way to its medieval castles and monasteries. Sacred with the true spirit of Philoxenia, the genuine Kefalonians, share their undue love for the island.

Mountain Ainos – Robola Wine

Towering the island, Mountain Ainos is a designated ‘national park’, covered with the unique Kefalonia pine, distinguished for its straight trunk, its rich pyramid-shaped foliage and its characteristic pine needles. At its foot you’ll come across vineyards where the popular Kefalonian Robola wine variety is produced. If you happen to love snorkeling or diving you might even get the chance to encounter the rare, caretta-caretta, sea turtle that take refuge here, as well as the monk seals monachus-monachus.

Argostoli – Fiscardo

Argostoli, the island’s capital, is a modern town, bustling with energy. The city was almost completely destroyed in a 1953 earthquake, so many of the buildings in Argostoli have a more modern look. Unspoiled by the 1953 earthquake, Fiscardo lends a glimpse into the glorious past that once was, with its beautiful 18th century mansions and the overall atmosphere of grandeur.

Dragorati – Melissani Cave – Sami – Assos

Kefalonia is famous for its natural wonders like the Dragorati and Melissani Cave and its beaches like Myrtos beach. The island also has many charming tiny villages that are perfect for exploring , such as Sami and Assos villages. Sami was used as the setting for the 2001 movie “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin”, which was adapted from the Louis de Bernières book of the same name. Moor your yacht in Assos’s picturesque little harbor and walk to the village, where houses appear to be covered in pine and cypress trees.

Kefalonian Cuisine

Dive into the traditional Kefalonian kitchens to taste authentic and traditional “retsetes” (recipes), dine in style in gourmet restaurants and get to know the contemporary creative style of the authentic Kefalonian cuisine. In the Ionian kitchens, Italian and Greek traditions meet and the result becomes a ritual.

World-class beaches, stunning nature and landscapes that change at every turn of the road will make your vacation on this island unforgettable.


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