Naxos Island exhibits astounding charm and significant customs, is amongst the most acclaimed Greek summer destinations and for good reason. The diverse beach options, the renowned Naxian gastronomy as well as the rich cultural presence are just a few good reasons to visit the largest island of the Cyclades. The island has ideal beaches for the windsurfers and kite boarders to tackle the waves, it has the most beautiful exotic horses which you can ride along the sandy beach into the sunset and it is perfect for the divers who wish to discover the underwater world. Naxos vows to be a hospitable home for families on holidays, a cozy haven for lovers and a thrilling experience for the bold.

Chora – Portara – Castle of Naxia

Chora, Naxos’s capital town, is situated on the west side of the island where one of the largest ports of the Cyclades is as well. Chora is a lively and fun place to be as it is filled with various shops, bars, cafés and restaurants. In this amphitheatrically built town there are the remains of Portara, the ancient temple dedicated to god Apollo. The best time to pay a visit is during sunset, just after your swim. Overlooking Chora, you will encounter the Venetian influenced Castle town called Kastropoliteia, the palace of the conqueror Marcos Sanoudos. The unique architecture as well as the narrow alleys and houses are absolutely captivating.

Agios Prokopis Beach – Agia Anna Beach – Mikri Vigla Beach

The protected from the winds beach of Agios Prokopis, is one of the best beaches in Europe with its fine white sand and mesmerizing blue shades. The continuation of the organized beach of Agios Prokopis and situated at a distance of 5km from Chora, Agia Anna beach is the paradise for wind surfers and water sport lovers. Another fully organized beach adored by wind and kite surfers, is the Mikri Vigla Beach. This beach contains elements of pure and natural beauty appreciated by all visitors.

Apiaranthos – Filoti – Sangri

Naxos has dozens of villages for all tastes as the scenery varies from one village to another. The villages of Apiranthos, Filoti and Sangri are a combination of art & culture, unique landscapes and refreshing takes on architecture.

Naxian Cheese – Patoudo – Naxian Potatoes

When Naxian cheese is served as part of a dish, the taste automatically becomes richer and just plain better. All cheeses Naxos produces have exquisite and outstanding taste. The potatoes cultivated in the area of Livadi are out of this world – literally. Exported to a number of countries, the potatoes could be used in any dish! Last but not least, Patoudo is a local meat specialty seasoned with local herbs such as white beets, fennel, garlic and olive oil. The Naxian potatoes accompany the dish, as does the red Naxian wine.

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